Privacy Policy

  • Information Gathering:

    We will collect members at member registration or from subsequent info modification to provide personal/ company information. The system will record server info from member browser, such as: IP address, access times, and content click. This information will be used as system analysis and online behavior investigation to improve system service quality.

    Without permission, we will not sell or lend any member information EXCEPT the following conditions:

    1. (1) Prior Permission from Members.
    2. (2) Violation of the terms of use of the system or the laws of R.O.C.
    3. (3) Requests by government agencies and the police to comply with law, column, and court order.

  • Data Modification:

    Members can login the system at any time to modify personal/ company information and member should be responsible for the information provided.

  • Information Security:

    We will take appropriate security protection to prevent unauthorized data access, modification, disclosure or damage. Security protection includes data collection, data storage, data processing and internal review. Appropriate encryption and physical security protection are applied to ensure the stored information will not be accessed against unauthorized permission.

  • Privacy Policy Revision:

    The Company may amend the policy from time to time. When we make large changes on personal/ company information, we will post a notice on the website to inform users of relevant issues.

  • Cookie:

    Cookie technology is used at part of the website to provide users with better service. Users can modify own browser setting to accept or reject this feature.